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International Board of Directors Meeting

Houston, Texas
Aug. 22-25, 2021

What is the IBD?

The governing body of Mensa International is the International Board of Directors (IBD), which will be hosted in 2021 in Houston, Texas, USA, in conjunction with the World Gathering, celebrating Mensa’s 75th anniversary.

Delegates and members of National Mensas from around the world will congregate to discuss and decide policies regarding Mensa International, as well as take part in the stimulating cultural and social activities that Mensans have come to know and love.

Aug. 24-29, 2021

Mensa World Gathering

Bring your pearls and party hats to Houston because Mensa is celebrating an anniversary — a big one, our 75th. That means six days of programs, entertainment, games, and good times.

Focusing on cultural and intellectual experiences from around the globe, the 2021 American Mensa World Gathering aims to showcase all the different kinds of smart. Join us!

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The impact of COVID-19 and attendee safety are important factors as we plan our event. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the precautions we’re taking to keep attendees safe, or if you’d like to learn more about the IBD.